Sporting Pay to sponsor Hull Kingston Rovers

It’s been a busy month for us at Sporting Pay, and now we’ve another absolutely massive announcement to make: we are going to be Hull Kingston Rovers front of home shirt sponsors for the remainder of 2021.

We’ve entered into a partnership that includes an agreement to sponsor the home shirt while we work with the club to ensure a smooth transition to a cashless stadium, ensuring the safest possible environment for the return of staff and fans in the near future.

This historic rugby league team, established way back in 1882, will be the latest club to join us…

Sporting Pay Announces Hamilton Academicals As Newest Partner

I’m delighted to announce Hamilton Academicals FC as Sporting Pay’s newest partner company.

For all of us here at Sporting Pay, it’s great that we can make big announcements like this even though we’re still in lockdown as a country: it honestly feels like the planning for a return to live sporting events has given us all a lift, and it’s fantastic knowing that the fans at Hamilton Accies will be even safer now our new contactless terminals will be around the ground.

Hamilton Academicals were established in 1874 from the school football team at Hamilton Academy and remain the…

Glasgow Rangers FC — 55 Titles

Last weekend, one of our Partners, Rangers FC, lifted their 55th Title by winning the Scottish Premiership in record time. 55 top-flight league title wins means they currently have more league title trophies than any other club in world football. Glasgow Rangers FC — record breakers!

It was their first league title in 9 years, and put a stop to the Celtic 10-in-a-row that most pundits were predicting last season and at the start of this. A fantastic turn-around of fortunes by club manager Steven Gerrard, and the congratulations from the footballing and sporting worlds flowed in over the weekend.

Contactless Payments To Rise To £100

The limit on a single payment using contactless card technology will rise to £100 later this year, the Treasury has confirmed.

The pandemic has accelerated a move away from cash, with shoppers often being encouraged to use contactless in many stores for public health reasons. It has been less than a year since the limit was raised from £30 to £45. To protect workers and consumers during the Covid outbreak, an increase to the current limit of £45 was rushed through by the regulator in April last year.

Regulators say businesses could still decide themselves whether to accept the higher…

Mental Health And Sports: The Benefits Of Participating And Watching

In another article this month, I’ve asked the question: why aren’t fans allowed back in the stadiums?. Here I want to take a bit more time to look at the positive mental health aspects of sports and, therefore, the negatives we’re currently facing as a nation.

It’s no secret that fans not being allowed to watch live sporting events is having massive knock-on effects. Financial, performance, business: you can pick any aspect of staging a sporting event and there’s a tremendously negative effect that’s happening because of the shutout of fans.

But a hidden aspect, and one that in many…

Why Aren’t The Fans Allowed Back In Stadiums?

It’s long past time fans were allowed back into football, cricket, and rugby grounds to watch matches live. Sure, the pandemic is still raging, but, it’s now clear that it’s highly unlikely to be clear of these shores much before the end of the year: so are we really thinking of keeping the fans out of stadiums until then?

Looking at what the scientists and epidemiologists are saying, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to completely relax Coronavirus restrictions until the whole adult population of the UK has had both doses of the Vaccine: and that’s not scheduled to be a…

Building Partnerships Via Digital Media: Our New Normal

A year ago, with Coronavirus barely on the horizon, our world today seemed unthinkable. Lockdowns, national stay at home orders, mask enforcement rules, and of course major sporting events cancelling and/or closing their doors to fans.

Now, in these truly unprecedented times, this is very much our new normal. In my working life, I’m the founder and CEO of Sporting Pay Limited, a payments solutions specialist for sporting companies/events worldwide. Like so many others, we’ve had to make massive changes this year. And also like others, we’ve found that we’re definitely up to the challenge!

So how does a company…

What Are Sports Without a Live Audience?

What Are Sports Like Without a Live Audience?

In an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, all countries across the globe initiated containment measures. The COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus pandemic) measures included a lockdown, curfew, cessation of movement and a stop to all sporting activities. Sometime after the infections had decreased, many nations decided to resume live sports activities without an audience.

That has been the phenomenon around the globe. Sports arenas have had many empty seats since early last year, and only the playing teams are allowed into the stadium. …

Sports Events That Will Strongly Shape The World In 2021?

Major International Sporting Events in 2021

Sports, like many other things, went through a rollercoaster of a ride during the pandemic crisis in 2020. 2020 was an extremely tough year to shape events around, losing many amazing potential team events from being able to be viewed in person, and after all, that’s what makes sports, the energy and the excitement.

What live sporting events can we look forward to this year? Here’s a few dates that I always have in my calendar — feel free to respond to this story with the ones you’re looking forward to the most.

Formula One world championship, 21 March — 5 December

1.Formula 1 has revealed the calendar for…

2020: The Year That Nearly Killed Sports as we Know It

2020 has not been an ordinary year after the pandemic struck strict restrictions were put in place by the government bodies to ensure they try to curb the spread of the novel virus. This took its toll almost on every sector and particularly on sports which rely on the huge number of fans to support their teams.

Since there were no huge gatherings of people, the sporting calendar was disrupted to allow the government to try their best in trying to avoid the spread of the virus. …

Chris Norminton

Chris Norminton, Founder of Sporting Pay. This is my blog site home to my personal musings on the world of sport and business in general at this time.

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